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Edible Gardens Articles

Gardening in uncertain times

Autumn is a fantastic season to be in the garden, with frequent rains and plenty of sunshine for strong growth. And with potentially a little more time on our collective hands over the next little while, what better activity for the whole family to enjoy than to get some more fruit and vegetable plants in the ground. It’s times like these that being a little self sufficient really brings its …Read More

Winter in the edible garden

Winter is considered by most home owners as somewhat of a “downtime” in the garden. If you are an avid or an aspiring food grower however this time of year is when we can not only continue to grow many crops but also get prepared for future harvests. While the cool season may see many of our favourite crops fade away, there are many abundant fruit and veggies that can …Read More


Most gardeners will tell you that their compost is the life source of their garden. For those with an edible garden composting is important for you to maintain the health and fertility of your soils, and therefore nutrition in your crops. While the primary function of composting is to recycle nutrients in order to return them to our soil to feed our plants, it also helps to reduce the amount …Read More

Soil conditioning

Now that our summer crops have well and truly finished and successive plantings of cool season veggies are underway, it’s a good time to consider how to rejuvenate those “tired” beds that gave us so much delicious produce over the warmer months. Rotating crops through our beds is a sensible practice and will benefit the growth of each subsequent crop while looking after the soil, but if you can afford …Read More

Planning your home orchard

With this mild Autumn weather and the first plantings of our winter veggies in and growing strongly, it is a good time to plan for the addition of a few more deciduous fruit trees. We can grow a wide range of fruit trees on the Peninsula to provide us with fresh, delicious produce for much of the year. The first step in planning your orchard is to carefully consider the …Read More

Preparing your garden for summer crops

Before planting out loads of seedlings and sowing handfuls of seed for our warm season crops we should ensure the basic needs of the plants are going to be met without having to disturb them down the track. This means getting the soil condition and irrigation sorted prior to planting. Whether you have just cleared out an old bed or put in a few new ones it is important that …Read More