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What We Do…


We assist families, individuals and businesses to develop productive and attractive gardens. We offer a comprehensive range of garden services including consultations, design, landscaping and seasonal maintenance focussed on vegetable/herb gardens, indigenous gardens, orchards and backyard chooks.

"Our unique services and experience can help you grow more of your own food successfully"

−-Drew Cooper

edible gardens design mornington peninsulaEdible Garden Design


We design productive and attractive gardens for home-owners and businesses. Our designs will help you to grow a significant proportion of your fruit, vegetables and herbs.

cabbage-art2Garden Consultations


We can guide you in the process of designing your garden, help you with specific garden problems or help you work out how to get started.

onion-art2Seasonal Garden Maintenance


We have a range of seasonal maintenance programs to suit both your home or business. We can take some of the work out of growing your own food.

edible gardens logo mornington peninsulaPlant nursery


We will opening our new plant nursery in Spring offering a vast range of herb, vegetable and fruiting plants.
Stay tuned for more updates over the next few weeks.