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Garden consultations


We provide on-site edible garden consultation services to individuals, families and businesses. This service can be used to learn more about your property and help you to organise your landscape in order to grow more food.

The consultations are typically requested by those who…

•    Want help to begin or expand their edible garden
•    Require help with a particular issue; poor crops, pest and disease problems, design issues
•    Would like to learn more about particular aspects of their food growing systems

During a consultation you are welcome to bounce any ideas off us. We are there to help you grow.
It is often helpful and time efficient if you have a few things written down that you would like to discuss, and you will be surprised at how much we are able to cover in a short time.

Consultations are charged at $110 for the first hour and then $65/hr thereafter (if you are on the Mornington Peninsula). Further travel charges apply north of Frankston.